25 KM Cl Fossavatnsgangan

17 April 2021

FIS Technical Delegate Einar Olafsson (ISL)
FIS Assistant TD Daniel Jakobsson (ISL)
Chief of Competition Kristbjorn Sigurjonsson (ISL)
Weather: Partly cloudy. Variable wind.
Temperature (air): 3.1°C
Temperature (snow): 1.7°C
Start Time 10:00 / End Time 14:00

FIS course name Women's 25 km C Popular races Mst
Height Difference (HD): 317 m
Maximum Climb (MC): 115 m
Total Climb (TC): 520 m
Length of Lap: 25100 m
Number of Laps: 1
Rank BIB FIS Name Club NAT YOB Final time